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Ration and Cost Calculator
Start Date:
Total Head:   (Optional)
Current Body Weight, lbs: 1
Expected Sell Weight, lbs: 2
Finished (Slaughter) Weight: 3
Expected Endorsement Length, wks:4 (Optional)
Ration Ingredients Nutritional Contribution of Ingredient 5
Type of Feed As fed, lbs Cost, $/Unit Weight, lbs/Unit Cost/day DM, lbs DM, % NEm NEg Protien, lbs Ca, lbs P, lbs Vit A, IU
Animal Requirements


The purpose of this tool is to help producers determine the LRP endorsement length they should choose.

1 Current weight of animals being fed.

2 Planned weight at which you will sell animals.

3 Typical weight at which the animal is considered finished.

4 LRP Endorsement length of your LRP policy. If you do not yet have a policy, you can leave blank and determine the LRP policy that will best fit your ration.

5The feed values used for this tool are estimates, and you may change these values by clicking on the 'Edit Nutritional Contribution' tab.

This tool is for general use and should should not replace your nutritionist.